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Dental professionals strive to give their patients radiant smiles. Let Arcee Tech brighten your technological experience. We're the first choice for IT solutions designed for dental practices.

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Why Dental Practices Trust Arcee Tech


Swift Response: Dental emergencies shouldn’t wait, and neither should tech issues. That's why we've committed to addressing your IT concerns in 10 minutes or less.


Straightforward Communication: Arcee Tech ensures clarity is a top priority. We communicate solutions without the tech jargon, keeping things straightforward and comprehensible.


Unwavering Satisfaction Guarantee: With our 100% satisfaction promise, we are committed to your peace of mind. If things aren't right, we'll fix them. If we can't, the service is on us.


24/7 System Monitoring: Dental records, appointments, and patient information are safe under our watchful eyes. We monitor your systems day and night, ensuring smooth operations at all times.


Customized Packages: Our IT solutions are tailored to fit the unique requirements of dental practices, ensuring you get the optimal service within your budget.

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Specialized Services for Dental Practices

IT Infrastructure Management

IT Infrastructure Management: Managing dental practices’ IT infrastructure, including servers, networking, and end-user devices, to ensure reliability and performance.

Data Backup

Safeguard your patient dental records and vital practice data with our reliable backup services. Retain patient trust and ensure regulatory compliance.

Cloud Services

Experience the flexibility of accessing your dental records and office data securely from any location. Our cloud solutions are designed with dental practices in mind, prioritizing both convenience and security.

Cybersecurity Services

Offering robust cybersecurity solutions, including intrusion detection, vulnerability assessments, and threat management, to safeguard patient data and the organization's network.

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Enhance your practice's technological resilience. Let Arcee Tech handle your IT, so you can concentrate on creating beautiful smiles.

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We hired Ralph to cover all of our IT and security needs and he has exceeded all expectations. Professional and diligent from start to finish. We're very satisfied with where we are at now thanks to the help from Ralph and his team.

Robert Gariano

I've been working with Ralph for a few months now, and have been incredibly pleased and impressed! He's responsive, thoughtful, and has been able to take care of my tech needs (and make but not push better suggestions on workarounds I've developed for myself)! I'm an independent consultant and have found his services to be flexible and affordable to meet my relatively small needs - although I'd imagine he'd be just as helpful to a larger firm with bigger needs!

Callie L. Carroll

Arcee Tech and owner Ralph Crespo are wonderful to work with!  I so appreciate how he helped map how I currently use technology and assess what I was missing or how to pivot to be more efficient.  I am not a tech person and as a small business owner, I absolutely need the services and support from Arcee Tech.

Kristen Illes